Saturday, March 20, 2010

PoMoNoW press Release

The PoMoNow Press Release turned out to be an utter failure with the press being missing from the scene entirely. The press was at another venue: the wedding of Viola Renegade. The editor of PoMoNow, Miz P, thinks that Viola arranged her wedding on the same date as the release date of the magazine in an attempt to spite P. The two had fought over the use of a white flower headband during her interview with PoMoNow.


  1. I am shamelessly promoting/ spamming my website. Any chance you could add this to your blogroll so I can move my site up to the top of the google search. Thanks.

  2. I was hoping to grab the first issue of PoMoNow hot off the press. Viola shattered my hopes. Hopefully their will be a first issue, if not in print, on the Internets. Tell me if it works out!