Monday, March 8, 2010


Last weekend, visual artist, Holly Polyester, caused a frenzy in the art world by placing a urinal in the MoMA. Everywhere, people are talking about the audacity of this artist. Critics and audience are outraged. Famous critic, Steven Pinksom said, "By bringing in an object from the bathroom into the gallery, Ms. Polyester is encouraging everyone to basically pee on MoMA! What the nerve!" Soon after this comment was released, however, people young and old, gathered around the Museum of Modern Art to urinate on the museum's walls. Pinksom refused to make any comments regarding his initial comment.
Meanwhile, people are pouring in to see this radical work of "art" by the young artist. Can this be even called art? Fellow artist, Sister Liquor said, "The artist picked up a common urinal and signed her name on it and simply put it on display. I think it is a stroke of genius. I think this revolutionary piece will free us from the chains of post-modern and push us into the age of post-post-modern."
Is it time to change our name to PoPoMoNow?

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  1. A conceptual artist did relieve himself in Duchamp's fountain a few years ago claiming Duchamp wanted him to do it or something like that. Sometimes real life is more incredible than anything you can make up.