Sunday, February 21, 2010

RIP Stuart Rimes

One of the greatest poets of the 21st Century, Stuart Rimes, dies at the age of 27.
Stuart Rimes, noted by critics and fans, as one of the most renowned poets of our generation dies of a cardiac arrest. The case is currently being investigated by the police and details are being held from the general public as investigators speculate that the death might have been caused by 'unnatural ways'.
The artist led a very public life, being constantly under the spotlight since his modeling days. He rose to fame after becoming the face of Walmart and really reached a rockstar status after his brief romantic stint with Paris Hilton. He rose to fame as a poet after his book Die baby, die won the prestigious Griffin Poetry prize in 2005.
Today he is no longer with us but Pomonow features the last interview with the poet extraordinaire, Stuart Rimes, taken 5 days before his tragic death.
We will miss you. XOXO.


  1. great lighting in the interview with rimes! Made the 'cartoon' effect stronger and helped fade his identity even more. Great improve - think its a good basis for Pomonow.

  2. I think the organic process of creating elements for your project is great, I think the video part you showcased , worked well becasue it connected alot with your theme, etc. Consider further what solid things your what your end result to be, would this maagzine be fort art purposes or are you thinking larger?