Sunday, February 28, 2010

Get the Warhol Wig before Urbn Outfitters does!

I am currently absolutely obsessed with Andy Warhol, and if you are a fan of, so will you. Hipsters are nothing new and the term only makes sense if put into the context of time. The first-wave hipsters were the suburban white kids who wanted to be black and ghetto and listened to Coltrane, the second-wave hipsters were suburban white kids who were into flipping the finger and listened to The Ramones and now we have the third-wave hipsters, who are suburban white kids who are into being ironic and are currently listening to the new album by Joanna Newsom.
People say that our generations hipsters don't really have much to say, but I think that's a little harsh. Hipsters are the calm before the storm. They are the in-between from movement to movement in American subcultures. The first movement in hipsterism somehow ended up in the Hippie generation of the 60's, the second movement resulted in Punks, so what, may we ask, is the third movement going to result in? A generation full of Andy Warhols! (Kawaii!)
In the Andy Warhol subculture that is going to emerge in middle America and change the course of history, kids will be sexually fluid to the point of asexuality, obsessed with technology, loving and hating consumerism, ironic (oh, so ironic) and wearing white wigs.

I am already bored of Legs McNeil

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