Sunday, February 28, 2010

A series of connections

Artist, Brandy Copiur, takes the book "The Radicant" to heart.
Artist Brandy Copiur, 24, who became somewhat of a celebrity in her celebration of non-celebrity has recently announced that she is going to kill herself for her final work of art. She plans to have scientists use her post mortem body parts to help create a special fibre optics that has been announced by the scientific world as the solution to 'slow internet' in under developed countries. Recent research in Culumbia University found that there is a special fibre in human parts, called The Trivial, that can be used to construct a certain type of fibre optics that will far surpass our current technology of fibre optics. Scientists are especially excited because they found that construction of this new technology is highly cost effective because the majority of the materials come from a currently understood as unlimited resource: dead people. It has been speculated that if this technology becomes the it IT thing of the future, underdeveloped countries like Bangladesh will never have to worry about slow internet ever again.
Artist, Brandy Copiur, inspired by the book by Nicolas Bourriaud, has announced that she wants to dedicate herself to this cause. Copiur who rose to fame with her still continuing art-piece, 'I Refuse to be Seen", which involves her refraining any photos of herself to be uploaded to the internet. She has, almost miraculously, managed to keep herself completely closed off from the public eye in this ctrl+S universe where even my tabby cat, Ginger, is no longer safe from Facebook and other such constant and merciless means of documentation. In her exclusive interview for Pomonow, the artist said, "Bourriaud said in his book, 'The modernity of the twentieth century was pased on coupling the human to the industrial machine; ours confronts computing and reticulated lines.' I want to be, like, you know, a person who brings forth this idea of Altermodernity out to the world. Not many people have really read the book so they don't know. I want to tell everyone in the world that, yes, this is the new post-modern and what better way that to make my dead body to become a part of something that really symbolizes this change: the internet."
Criticism has already started to flow in, the main topic of outrage being that the artist is missing the point of the book. Many say that she has taken the lines "No doubt, one could describe the ambition of the twenty-first-century artist as the desire to become a network" a little too much to heart. The upper middle class in Bangladesh, however, are overjoyed and have named a new road in the ever expanding capital, Dhaka, after her.

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  1. Becoming the fiber optic network is the soylent green of the 21st century.